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Endodontic Dentistry

Endodontic Dentistry is related to the field of dentistry related with tooth pulp and pulp problems. Damage to teeth, such as cracks or deep cavities, can reach down to the nerve tissue and blood vessels residing in the soft pulp of the tooth. Damage to the pulp can lead to painful swelling, damage to the jaw bones or muscles, and the formation of abscesses. If left unchecked, this could lead to loss of tooth or tooth removal.

Damaged pulp once led to the removal of the tooth. With today's advancement, however, dentists use a procedure called a root canal to restore and protect the tooth's nerves and blood vessels hence saving the tooth.

Disadvantage of tooth loss

  • Lack of self confidence

  • Low capacity of chewing pressure, quite difficult to eat anything you want

  • The adjacent teeth may eruption because of bone loss

  • Incorrect an altered bite  

Benefits of Endodontic Treatment

  • Save the tooth being infected or pain from extraction

  • Removal of bacterial infection from tooth

  • Removal of pain

  • Prevention of further spread of infection throughout tooth to periapical tissue and surrounding bone

Procedure for Endodontic Treatment

1. First Evaluation and endodontic tooth preparation

  • a small x-ray of the tooth is taken to check the tooth shape and root canals infection site.

  • local anesthesia is administered at the infected site

  • a canal is made in tooth to allow for removal of the damaged pulp

2. Clean root canal and pulp chamber

  • root canal may be cleaned once or several times to ensure infection is cleared

  • in some cases, medications may be placed to prevent infection by removing germs from the teeth

3. Root Filling

  • after root canal is check and cleared, the root canal is filled

4. Post and core

  • the tooth tends to be fragile after root canal treatment has been done, a post and core build-up followed by a crown is usually done placed over the root canal treated teeth to provide extra strength and protection

5. Proper oral care and regular dental visits ensure that the treated tooth remains healthy

The primary goal of endodontic treatment is to create an environment within the root canal system which allows for healing and continued maintenance of the health of periradicular tissue. A successful procedure is one which has removed bacteria in the tooth and completely filled the canals.

At our dental clinic, modern technological machines and units such as the Endomate unit and Root Apex locator are utilized to provide better prognosis and increase the long term success rate.

Recovery Expectations

For the first few days following the completion of treatment, the tooth may feel sensitive due to natural tissue inflammation, especially if there was pain or infection before the procedure. This sensitivity or discomfort usually can be controlled with over-the-counter pain medications. Most patients can return to their normal activities the next day.

Endodontic Equipments


Advances in technology have now enabled root canal treatment to be treated more accurately and precisely:

Root Apex Locator

root AxpexLocator

The Root Apex locator aids our endodontist in defining the length of the teeth. At DENTAL 4 U, the ROOT ZX from J Morita Corporation is a fully automatic root canal length measuring device (apex locator) which provides extremely accurate measurements in all canal conditions.
ROOT ZX's advanced microprocessor ensures precise readings even in the presence of sodium hypochlorite, hydrogen peroxide, saliva, blood or pulp. The microprocessor also calibrates ROOT ZX automatically, making it ready to use immediately after turning on the main switch. These features and more make ROOT ZX one of the most highly rated root canal length measuring devices on the market.  

The benefit of Root Apex Locator

  • Exactly estimate root canal length during endodontic therapy to avoid injury to the succedaneous tooth bud.

  • Giving precise and reproducible results.

  • Do not produce pain and avoid unnecessary radiation

  • Recommended for use in children.

  • Digital radiography allows instant imaging and reduced radiation exposure..

Endodontic Micromotor

Endodontic Micromotor

The Endo-Mate DT from NSK is a device used to drill and measures the rotation speed as well as torque levels during root canal treatments. An auto reverse function activates when the present torque level has been exceeded. Endo-Mate's torque control system combined with the Apex Locator allows dentists and dental specialists to perform safe and more accurate root canal preparation.

Benefit of Endodontic Micromotor

  • Enlarging a root canal of a tooth.

  • Debris material removed in cleaning the canal to be ejected upwardly from the clean surfaces as such file is advanced in cleaning the canal.

  • More precise root canal preparation

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